Kundalini Spirit Fire (2016) Ritchie Sinclair


Kundalini Spirit Fire

Ritchie Sinclair
Original pen & ink sketch (inversion), 16″ x 20″. 2016

“The kundalini is classically recognized and portrayed as a feminine force. It effects awakening through balance and unity with the masculine aspect of consciousness. In classical yoga, it is the creative force (Shakti) that brings eternal consciousness (Shiva) into action and manifestation. However, this feminine force is not only, as Shakti, the complement, counterpart and consort of the masculine, its “other half”. As Parashakti, She also contains the masculine; in this highest form she is Wholeness itself, not only giving birth to, but containing and subsuming all duality. From a spiritual point of view, because she not only creates but contains and transcends all creation, she is the most immediate bridge to non-dual consciousness and is in fact co-existent with it. From a global point of view, because she reconciles immanence and transcendence, matter and spirit, unifying and healing all conflict and duality, it is her influence that is essential to heal the extreme fragmentation, competition and violence wrought through centuries of patriarchal divisiveness.”

Kavita Byrd from “Kundalini and the Role of the Feminine in Global Transformation.