Totemic Spirit of the Kingfisher (2017) Ritchie Sinclair

Totemic Spirit of the Kingfisher
Ritchie Sinclair
acrylic and copper leaf on canvas, 72 inches x 48 inches, 2017.


Totemic Spirit of the Kingfisher depicts a Gathering of the People (pow wow) to invoke Kingfisher vision. In balancing the feminine with the masculine, the above with the below, and the within with the without, the seers see what there is to see. The observer and observed become one and abundance abounds.

Totemic Guardians of the Great Return (2016) Ritchie Sinclair

Totemic Guardians of the Great Return
Ritchie Sinclair
2016, 4ft x 5ft acrylic & copper on canvas, $6.6K

“Long ago cataclysm forced the People to journey far out into the ocean in search of a new home. One day they discovered a Seaway that led deep into a vast land of fresh water lakes teeming with life. As they ventured deeper they happened upon a beautiful island shaped like a turtle, with waters protected by a Sea Serpent and skies by a Great Thunderbird. The People were compelled to settle there and they thrived for many generations.”

This totemic goodwill painting considers the ancestral migration allegory of the Seven Fires Prophecy while offering talismanic empowerment for those so embraced by its aura and meaning. Over eons the cyclic struggle between the Thunderbirds of the Skies and the Serpents of the Deep play out their dramas through all earthly forms, including humankind, yet at the centre of the cyclone all is well.


  • The Thunderbird: – mastery of the air and of the upper-world.
  • The Turtle: – denotes longevity, stability and wisdom. This Turtle symbolizes our home, the womb, Mother Earth, the beaver lodge, the wigwam and the sacred sweat lodge. Here is safety and security. Here is the circle in the cycles at a point of perfect balance. Here is a living portal and time machine. Here is our beloved soul.
  • The Great Horned Serpent, Mishibijiw: – mastery of the water and of the underworld.


  • A Shaman and three Disciples in a grand canoe embark on vision quest through the seasons.
  • Three great Fish depict the abundance afforded by Thunderbird and Mishibijiw protection.
  • Six nesting Loons are symbolic guardians of the Great Lakes and of the St. Lawrence Seaway.
  • 24 Salmon represent the People; great souls who return to the source of their abundant lives to re-spawn yet again.

Comments about the painting, “Totemic Guardians of the Great Return”

  • “Wowww! So powerful so inspiring. Love it.” Pamela Tremblay-Hayes
  • “Beautiful love the colours.” Joan Faubert
  • “Wow, that’s amazing!” Tanzina Amin
  • “now that’s cool” Max Dipro
  • “Stunning & inspiring” Stéphanie Lynn
  • “Love it. Amazing!” Carlos Sa Rodrigues
  • “Lovely, simply lovely! And so powerfully colourful. And naturally I just love the symbolism, the simplicity and the explanations. And the Great Story too!” Tim Yearington
  • “Powerful, feeds my spiritual needs. Great work Ritchie.” Lise St-Arnaud
  • “Blue Salmon Fillets in a Delicious Tomato Broth” (may contain peanuts or various totem animals). But seriously, this is further proof of your genuine artistic talent.” Roland Kriewaldt
  • “Beautiful, Inspirational & Enlightening !” Steve Balla
  • “love is so inspiring for you : ) This is absolutely stunning. It is already lifting off the page then by adding the story, it put me in a river that is singing the story out to me as I gaze in wonder.” Kim Elkington
  • “Ritchie is a master of technique, colour and space. Stunning.” Julie Ann Bertram
  • “Absolutely stunning depiction.” Beth Rice Guindon
  • ” Wowzer … Amazing, truly stunning!!! Love it!!!” Lenadine Vellow-Eaton

Breath of the Spirit (2016) Ritchie Sinclair


Breath of the Spirit
Ritchie Sinclair
acrylic on canvas, 44 x 60 inches, 2016.

This painting depicts the Woodland School conjured into being by the great creative spirit of the Northwest Coast.

“The spirit comes through you. It is a very powerful creative force, you see. You could be a singer, you could be a writer, you could be a painter, you could be anything if you allow that spirit to flow.”

Norval Morrisseau, 1997, Return to the House of Invention (Key Porter)