A Great Spirit (2008) Ritchie Sinclair


A Great Spirit: The Sleeping Giant of Thunder Bay Returns
Ritchie “Stardreamer” Sinclair

Acrylic and iridescent copper on six canvas panels, 60″ x 216″, 2008

In 2008, SPIRIT, an exhibition of my artwork, was held at the Scollard Street Gallery in Toronto. It featured a 6 panel, 5 foot by 18 foot, mural entitled, “A Great Spirit: The Sleeping Giant of Thunder Bay Returns”, that I painted as a tribute to Norval Morrisseau. I have found this painting to be an invaluable teaching device. It tells tales of my inspirational time spent painting beside Morrisseau while also symbolizing his nobility of character and profound significance as an artist, teacher and visionary leader.

“A Great Spirit” is a one-of-a-kind painting that bridges our cultures through the common ground of Spirit. As the only Anglo-Canadian recognized as a member of the Woodland School of Art I consider my artistic legacy to be a testament to the mastery of Morrisseau’s Shamanistic vision and an extension of the ageless craft.


Featured at the “Spirit” art exhibition, 2008, Scollard Street Gallery; and 2010, La Strada
Discussed on CIUT FM, 2008 and displayed on CBC’s “Four Rooms”
Exhibited during various educational student workshops and lectures since 2008

“This is Gorgeous” – Jessica Phillips, CBC’s Four Rooms
“I saw the mural and I was super impressed” – Eddie Rogo, CBC’s Four Rooms