We Follow the Sun (2015) Ritchie Sinclair


We Follow the Sun

Ritchie Sinclair
Acrylic and florescence on canvas, 18 x 60 inches, 2015

A depiction of loon Grandparents mentoring Grandchildren whose many blessings are symbolized with flourishing flowers.

I am an artist (2016) Brona Wingell



I am an artist!

The Journey of Life can become a winding road full of unexpected turns and encounters. In walking my own road I learned that trusting my intuition and Spirit is always the best way and that every new day is a reason to celebrate.

In October 2010, following a number of tragic circumstances, I packed up my life into 5 suitcases and my four children and I relocated from Slovakia to Canada. We landed in a cozy one-bedroom apartment in mid-Toronto that instantly became my healing sanctuary. After a year I reluctantly had to admit the place grew too small and found a bigger one in the same complex. A man moved into our old apartment.

It was summer of 2013. I enrolled in College to study physiotherapy with the set goal of finding a good paying job to support my four kids. Although I had a career as a professional dancer and dance teacher behind me, I didn’t think of myself as an artist at all. In fact at that point the closest thing to art were mindless doodles on the margins of my physiotherapy books.

One day my daughter came home from a sidewalk chalk-drawing session and said, “Mommy, the guy who moved into our old apartment is an artist. His name is Ritchie. He said I am really good at art and if I want I could do a painting!” Later that week I met Ritchie in our local pizzeria and we talked for the first time. I was curious about his art and he agreed to show it to me.

Walking into his studio I was absolutely speechless. Ritchie’s art took me back in time to my childhood when the world was a magical colorful dream, everything was simple and life made sense. The love vibrations woven into Ritchie’s paintings made me cry. I sat there in his studio, looking at his paintings, tears running down my face, enchanted.

The weeks that followed our first connection were pure magic. It felt like a dream and often I had to pinch myself to make sure I was awake. A seed of love was planted that we carefully watered and pampered, and instantly it grew into a beautiful flower. Our first touches and kisses wore the innocence of teenagers experiencing their first time in love. At times our hearts cried from the abundance of emotions.

Meanwhile, inspired by Ritchie’s art, I bought myself my first sketchbook and found the courage to start drawing on the frighteningly blank pages.

In August 2013 I painted my first, and to this day, smallest painting ever. I kept it secret from Ritchie yet when I showed him my creation he was so thrilled and supportive it encouraged me to start painting another one right away. Soon we were painting side by side in Ritchie’s studio, my old apartment, which once again provided sweet sanctuary.

A few months and paintings later Ritchie suggested that we should have a group art show in a local café. It felt unreal for me to even consider being in the same show with real artists since I certainly didn’t see myself as one.

In February 2014 we celebrated our first mutual show appropriately entitled, Inspired by Love. As our love continued to flourish, our paintings multiplied. The creation of our first collaborative mural, Lovescape, also marked the beginning of my own personal recognition of myself as an artist.

Later that year I finished my physiotherapy studies with excellent marks yet I never felt compelled to take the jobs that were offered to me. My amazing children supported me in my decision, and continue to do so, despite the financial challenges we face as a family. When asked about their Mom, they proudly say, “She’s an artist!”

Ritchie and I have been partners in love and art for three years now. Our love bubble includes and nourishes all those we love. We never fight since there is nothing we could possibly fight about. We are known around the neighborhood as the barefoot lovers who share everything. We had a number of art shows, painted numerous collaborative murals, wrote a book, wrote an album full of songs and went on many canoe trips exploring Ontario’s Parks. We’ve shared more than a thousand days & nights of fairytale love, celebrating every sunrise and every starry night as a precious gift.

We are not in a hurry to find out about the riches of tomorrow since today is here to be loved to live. Our time in this world is so short. I want to spend the rest of my time wisely, in love and fruitful creation, reaching out to inspire others through art and love.

Broňa Wingell

Kundalini Spirit Fire (2016) Ritchie Sinclair


Kundalini Spirit Fire

Ritchie Sinclair
Original pen & ink sketch (inversion), 16″ x 20″. 2016

“The kundalini is classically recognized and portrayed as a feminine force. It effects awakening through balance and unity with the masculine aspect of consciousness. In classical yoga, it is the creative force (Shakti) that brings eternal consciousness (Shiva) into action and manifestation. However, this feminine force is not only, as Shakti, the complement, counterpart and consort of the masculine, its “other half”. As Parashakti, She also contains the masculine; in this highest form she is Wholeness itself, not only giving birth to, but containing and subsuming all duality. From a spiritual point of view, because she not only creates but contains and transcends all creation, she is the most immediate bridge to non-dual consciousness and is in fact co-existent with it. From a global point of view, because she reconciles immanence and transcendence, matter and spirit, unifying and healing all conflict and duality, it is her influence that is essential to heal the extreme fragmentation, competition and violence wrought through centuries of patriarchal divisiveness.”

Kavita Byrd from “Kundalini and the Role of the Feminine in Global Transformation.

Divining Tomorrow (2016) Ritchie Sinclair


Divining Tomorrow

Ritchie Sinclair
2016, acrylic on canvas, 28″ x 54″

This painting was inspired by our June 2016 Algonquin canoe adventure. It considers the rite of passage where our children move on into their own lives. As parents we nurtured love in their hearts and we mourn the fact that our intimate time shared together has now past. We entrust their sacred little lives to the guidance and protection of Spirit. It’s so beautiful that just as our young ones move on, so too are we set free to explore and enjoy the wonder of it all for ourselves, as free spirits who were once parents.

Seedling (2015) Brona Wingell


Broňa Wingell
2015, 44” x 60”, acrylic on canvas



Signed – Limited Edition – print sizes (on archival art paper)

Swan Lake (2016) Brona Wingell

Swan Lake

Broňa Wingell
2016, 28” x 42”, acrylic on canvas, $2,400

Limited Edition Print sizes (archival art paper)